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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do the fishing charters guarantee us to catch fish?
  2. Can We bring alcohol on our fishing charter?
  3. What Should We Bring On Our Fishing Charter?
  4. Please tell me about Tipping My fishing guide.
  5. Can we keep the fish that we catch?
  6. Sea Sick - If I get seasick will the captain bring me in?
  7. Will there be any additional charges I need to know about.
  8. Will There Be Bathrooms On The Boats?
  9. What If There Is Bad Weather?

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No Fish - No Pay:

No.. None of the fishing guides or charters that we recommend here will ever guarantee a catch or no pay. Our fishing guides and charters are the best that Key West has to offer. Any fishing charter that promises no charge for no fish is not going to give you a great day.

Alcohol On The Charters:

Yes of course you are welcome to bring adult beverages out on our boats. Please drink responsibly and don't become a pain in the butt to our fishing guides.
Absolutely No controlled substances of any kind. Please look over Florida State and Federal laws to learn more.

What To Bring:

Bring what you would like to eat or drink. Also dress accordingly to the conditions and the seasons. Cooler temps or windy days a windbreaker with a sweater or hoodie may be good with longer pants. During the summer dress lightly for the sun and to keep cool with the breeze without exposing skin to the sun. Head cover is good in all weather as is sunglasses. Camera is a good idea but the cell phones these days do a great job taking photos.

DONT FORGET your meds you may need for the day such as Insulin, heart pills or whatever you may need within the next 12 -24 hours Just In Case!

Note: Many of our fishing charters will not allow anglers to fish without sun glasses ( eye protection).


Tipping your fishing guide or charter is not required but considered to be customary here in Key West. The rule of thumb is 18-20% of the trip fare. $1000.00 trip = $200.00 tip.

Keep Your Fish:

When fishing with any of our fishing guides or fishing charters you are allowed and encouraged to keep the legal sized fish that you catch. Some of our charters will fillet them for you and bag them up for free, some charge for this service. Check Out the many Hook and Cook places in Key West to have your fish cooked for you while you are here in Key West. Also check out other Key West restaurants.


Seasickness affects people in different ways. Some toss their cookies and can move on with the day. Some, don't toss and get super ill See: wish I were dead and beg to be back on stable land. Then there is the Duval Flu. Where a party in the group was not responsible the night before and partied like a rock star on Key West Duval street making them ill the next day out on the water.
There are a few different ways to think about this.
Private Fishing Charters - Most of the fishing charters we reserve for our clients are private charters which means that the group you are with are friends of family. If you get seasick, generally it is up to the groups decision to cancel the trip and head in to make you feel better. This is a one way trip back to the dock at this point, do not expect your captain to drop you off and head back out with the remainder of your crew. You will most likely get charged for the whole trip, discuss this with your captain before you pull the plug on your day due to your buddy blowing his guts out.
Split Charters | Shared Charters | Per Head Charters | Head boat | Party Boat charters - are a tough way to go if you get seasick. There most likely will be no mercy on your sick soul and you will be required to stay out there till the trip is over, captain decides you are too sick to keep out there any longer. Either outcome there will be angry fellow anglers and might demand you pay for their unused portion of their charter because the captain will not refund a dime.

Note: Charters To Avoid - if you are prone to get motion sickness are. Deep Sea fishing, Reef fishing, Wreck Fishing Charters that will not get you seasick are Backcountry Fishing or Flats Fishing.
Note: How To Take Seasick Medication - Motion Sickness pills such as Dramamine and Bonine are only affective if taken about an hour before your charter. DO NOT take meds right before or on the boat - wont help. The patch also take a bit of time to get active. All are great ways to prevent seasickness.

Extra Fees:

Besides the tip to your fishing guide or charter. There will be no additional charges to worry about. On a rare occasion there is a fuel surcharge on some fishing charters. However, if it was not worked out when you booked the fishing trip then there will not be one.

Bathrooms And Boats:

The deep sea fishing charters all have bathrooms on the boats. The Flats fishing charters do not have bathrooms on the traditional flats fishing boats but bay boats with bathrooms can be substituted. Some bay boats that are used for backcountry fishing have bathrooms, please inquire or request them when booking.

Bad Weather:

Bad weather is a thing when you are dealing with the great outdoors. Our policy is that only the captain can cancel due to bad weather. If the captain cancels then we will see about rescheduling you on another day. You will be refunded your deposit for a captain canceling.

If the captain says it SUCKS out there.. Believe him. Do Not Make Him Go.