Backcountry Fishing

The term backcountry is a geographical term that means the surounding islands and flats that make up the inshore waters of the Florida Keys and Key West. All of these areas are located in in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. These federally protected waters are a sport fisherman's paradise. Holding some of the most sought after sport fish in the world and totally accessible to you about 15 minutes from our dock. In the Backcountry visitors will find pristine waters flowing over the shalllow flats in and around uninhabited mangrove islands. The backcountry is where many of our fish go to grow up and many of our sport fish go to eat them.

Backcountry fishing is an easy going fishing dicipline that offers many different ways to fish all with low pressure and each can be very exciting. Certain times of the year the fishing can be non stop! (See; Key West Fishing Seasons) Casting in the shallows for many different species of sport fish. All year round we have a great assortment of targets to chose from. Its our job as your fishing guides to make it easier for you to succeed in catching fish. Not many folks know that the backcountry holds a very large assortment of species to fish for. Even fewer folks know how to fish for them as well as we do.

We check out all the nooks and crannies in the backcountry on our fishing charters. Inshore, near shore and sometimes even offshore if the weather is perfect. It depends on the bite. Depending on the fishing season inshore and on the flats one can expect to be able to fish for Tarpon, Permit, Bone fish, Trout, Huge Barracudas, Sharks, Lady Fish, Jack Crevales and many more Near shore or slightly offshore we catch Grouper, Yellowtail snapper, Mutton snappers, Mackerel, Kingfish and now we offer Goliath Groupers..


Backcountry Fishing Charters

Fun for everyone that enjoys fishing

Avoid getting seasick on the deep sea fishing or reef fishing charters by staying in the calm waters of the Key West backcountry. No rough waters - we promise.

The Boats We Use

Utilize the versatility and comfort of bay boats to fish many different ways. We offer backcountry fishing here in Key West on our state of the art 24ft bay boats that are designed for shallow waters and make great stable fishing platforms for whatever is biting in the shallows.

The Gear We Use

We use mostly spin fishing rods and reels varying in size from 10lb to 20lb test. We use several different types of live bait and artificial lures to catch fish. We can also provide fly fishing rods to those that wish to fish fly.
Note: We can only fish one angler at a time using fly fishing rod.

Backcountry Fishing Trip Lengths That We offer:

  • 1/2 Day 4 hours
  • 3/4 day 6 hour
  • Full Day 8 Hours

We can take up to 4 persons on our bay boats on our 4 and 6 hour trips. We will only cary 3 persons on a full day charter such as our signature All In Wonder fishing experience.

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Booking A Backcountry Fishing Charter

Booking a backountry fishing charter is easy. Because we feel the relationship with our clients is very important you will need to call us or email us to reserve a trip. That way we know exactly what you are looking for in your day of fishing with us and you know what you will be getting. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more details about bookings and questions that have popped up.

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Backcountry Fishing Charters With A Theme.

Using the backcocuntry fishing as a general term many of our other charters are done in the backcountry if you want to get more specific about what target you and your party would like to pursue.

Tarpon Fishing

Our tarpon fishing charters are generally all done in the backcountry on board our 24 ft bay boats that are custom built for this purpose and make incredible fishing platforms. We offer 4, and 6 hour tarpon fishing charters out of Key West.

Shark Fishing

Our shark fishing charters are also done in the backcountry. A year round fishery for bull sharks, lemon sharks and black tips. Fishign for sharks in three feet of water can be super exciting.

All In Wonder Fishing Charters

A full day fishing extravaganza where we show you as many different types of fishing we have here in Key West as possible in a day of fishing.