Tarpon Fishing

tarpon jumping after being hooked on a Key West tarpon fishing charterKey West is one of the hottest destinations on the planet for tarpon fishing. Tarpon migrate right through the Key West area in the spring and summer months. They fill into our channels, basins, and on to our flats offering our light tackle and fly fishing anglers great shots at catching and releasing them. Some tarpon stay around the whole year keeping our tasrpon fishing hot right through summer into the fall when we start fishing for our juvenile tarpon that are laid up in the mangroves. Anglers come from all over the world to fish for tarpon in Key West. Some make it a yearly trip.

Not only do we have nearly year round opportunities for catching a tarpon but Key West is also a great location to go fishing. With fantastic Key West accommodations all the major resorts and hotels are represented here. An international airport that is just 2 minutes from a dock that has a Key West tarpon fishing guide that will take you out. We have Uber, Lift, rental cars, mopeds and cabs to get you around our 4 x 5 mile island.

If catching a tarpon is on your bucket list Key West is a great destination to go to and get that done and we have the tarpon fishing guides that will take you.


Tarpon Fishing Charters

Avoid getting seasick on the deep sea fishing or reef fishing charters by staying in the calm waters of the Key West backcountry and flats fishing for tarpon. No rough waters - we promise. Tarpon spend much of their time in the shallows, this is also where we enjoy catching them. Just a few minutes run from any of our locations and we will have you fishing for tarpon.

Our tarpon fishing charters and fishing guides provide everything you will need to catch tarpon here in Key West including Bait, tackle, bottled water, licences and gear.

The Boats We Use For Tarpon Fishing

bay boat angler hooked up to a tarponBay Boats - Most of the time our anglers prefer to utilize the versatility and comfort of a bay boat to fish for tarpon. Plenty of room to move around, larger casting deck, comfortable dry ride and enormous stability. While fishing for tarpon we use state of the art trolling motors that your tarpon fishing guide will use to keep you right in the fish. While we do not reccomend it our bay boats can cary up to 4 persons 3 or less is typical. Some of our bay boats even have bathrooms.

WIth the advancment of lgiht weight building materials our bay boats are lighter and float shallower than ever. Making them the chosen platform for both light tackle spin fishermen flats fishing and our fly fishing charters.

Traditional flats fishing boat for tarpon fishingFlats Fishing Boats - Our more traditional tarpon fishermen prefer the use a technical flats fishing boat or skiff. Flats fishing skiffs are 17 - 18 ft in length, ultra light and can be rather tippy for larger anglers. Flats fishing boats are a traditional way to go fishing for tarpon using a fly rod during the seasonal tarpon migration which happens in May and June. Flats fishing skiffs can only carry 2 persons and its typical that only one angler may fish at a time.

Note: On either boat option mentioned above. We can only fish one angler at a time when fly fishing.

center console for tarpon fishing wtih larger groups up to 6Center Console Fishing Boats - These boats are 26 - 32 ft in length and very popular for folks that wish to bring 4 - 6 persons tarpon fishing. Center consoles must anchor to fish for tarpon using chum and other ways to bring the fish to the back of the boat for anglers to drop bait to them. Most of the center console boats we use have bathrooms (please inquire if needed) and because they are very roomy, they are popular with the larger groups up to 6. The center console rates vary depending on the boats size and amenities.

The Gear We Use

Tarpon fishing angler releases a tarpon in Key WestFor our light tackle enthusiasts we use mostly spin fishing rods and reels with the occasional bait casters varying in size from 15lb to 30lb test loaded with braided line. The center console boats typically use conventional bait casters and spin reels.

The charters we offer the bait is always provided as well as several different types of artificial lures designed to catch tarpon.

For our fly fishing charters we provide everything you will need to go fly fishing for tarpon. 10, 11 and 12 wt rods are provided with flies and leaders. or you can bring your own. Our fly fishing guides are experienced and patient, capable of guiding anglers of any skill level.

Tarpon Fishing Charter Trip Lengths That We offer:

  • 1/2 Day 4 hours
  • 3/4 day 6 hour
  • Full Day 8 Hours

Things To Note

  • We take only 2 persons on a traditional flats fishing skiff.
  • We can take up to 4 persons on a bay boat however we reccomend not more than 3.
  • Bathrooms are on some boats, some not. Make sure when you book a bathroom is there if you need it.
  • Fly fishing Charters will only have 2 anglers total. Bay Boat or Flats Fishing Boat

Tarpon Fishing Charter Rates


Booking A Key West Tarpon Fishing Charter

Booking a Key West tarpon fishing charter is easy. Because we feel the relationship with our clients is very important you will need to call us or email us to reserve a trip. That way we know exactly what you are looking for in your day of fishing with us and you know what you will be getting. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more details about bookings and questions that have popped up.

Call Us ---- 1-305-292-7212

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Other Key West Fishing Charters

Using the backcountry fishing as a general term many of our other charters are done in the backcountry if you want to get more specific about what target you and your party would like to pursue.

Backcountry Fishing

A fun relaxed way to spend time fishing in Key West. Open the options up for just about anything that is biting including but not limited to: tarpon, sharks, barracudas, jacks, permit, bonefish, ladyfish, mackerel, snapper, cobia, grouper and more.

Shark Fishing

Our shark fishing charters are also done in the backcountry. A year round fishery for bull sharks, lemon sharks and black tips. Fishing for sharks in three feet of water can be super exciting.