Deep Sea Fishing

Trolling the blue waters South of Key West just beyond the reef line is called Deep Sea fishing. The deep blue waters hold a bounty of pelagic fish that are traveling through our area with ravenous appetite. Depending on the (See; Key West Fishing Seasons) anglers will have shots at dolphin (mahi mahi), tuna, wahoo, sailfish, king mackerel, cero mackerel, blue marlin and white marlin. Our deep sea fishing is good year round. (See; Key West Fish Speices)

In the blue waters its a constant battle of eat or be eaten. Moving fast is a life saving trait. Trolling baits behind the moving deep sea fishing boats is a great way to imitate the bait fish being hunted down ever minute of the day. Deep sea fishing is all about covering water and finding the concentrations of fish. Life in the blue waters is constantly changing, so every day is a new adventure, not the same old spot. Check out the Key West fishing report to learn more about deep sea fishing in Key West and whats going on.

The deep sea fishing charters we offer are a custom hand picked best of the best in Key West. We have a charter that will fit your needs for fishing the blue waters off of Key West. Read on to learn more about our deep sea fishing charters or give us a call and we will personally help you out on the phone to select a charter just for you and your group.



Fun For Everyone That Enjoys Fishing

dolphin mahi mahi deep sea fishing out of Key West, FloridaWe can take groups of up to 6 persons on these private charters, we have multiple boats if you have more than 6 persons. Everyone is invited to enjoy the day. Do keep in mind that sea sickness is a thing to consider when deep sea fishing as the deeper the waters the more possibility for larger wave heights. Also keep in mind, the rougher the seas are the better the fishing can be.

The Boats We Use

There are many boats in our Key West deep sea fishing fleet that can take you out. Boats ranging from 32 - 47 ft in length and varying amenities. Some boats are faster and more versatile. Some boats are slower and more comfortable. Some boats have mates that help out the captain on the fighting deck. Some boats have just the captain for a more hands on experience for the anglers. The best part is, you get to decide on what you want when calling us. We will see what kind of deep sea fishing experience you might be looking for and then offer you the options of what is available for the day requested. To learn more about the different types of boats, keep reading. --- Call Us 305-292-7212

Deep Sea Sport Fishing Boats

Deep Sea Sport Fishing BoatThe most traditional way to fish the deep sea waters off of Key West is on board a "Sport Fishing Boat". Also called "Sporties" these boats are 38 - 50 ft in length, accommodate 6 anglers easily and have all sorts of amenities built into their ocean going fishing platforms. Anglers can expect a very comfortable stable ride due to the weight and sheer size of these boats. Anglers can also expect comfortable bathrooms and sitting areas that are out of the weather. Some of our sport fishing boats even have air conditioning, a hugely popular amenity on our hot summer days while trolling for dolphin (mahi mahi), wahoo and marlin. Sport fishing boats generally have two crew members. A captain that runs the boat and keeps on coarse for finding the bite from a higher platform on the boat such as the Flying Bridge or Tuna Tower and a mate that works right down on the deck with the anglers setting up the baits for trolling and helping the anglers with tips on how to land the big one.

Most sport fishing boats being larger and heavier cruise between 15- 28 kts making travel time to the fishing grounds 45 minutes and longer depending on the season and where the fish are. We will always recommend at least a 6 hour experience when booking these boats.

Deep Sea Fishing Center Consoles

Another way to go deep sea fishing has come to Key West in the form of a center console fishing boat. Ranging in sizes from 26 - 40 ft in length our center console fishing fleet is a great way to enjoy the day deep sea fishing. The crew consists of just the captain and your group. These boats are a much more hands on experience for the anglers. Head out to fish just like the big boys. Most of our center console fleet can accommodate up to 6 persons. The smaller boats are limited to 4. The deep sea fishing goal is the same and the prices are slightly less. There is a good bit of versatility with the deep sea fishing center console with the ability to quickly change up the day and go wreck fishing or reef fishing. Center consoles are a very fast way to make it out to the deep sea fishing grounds off of Key West. Many of our boats have multiple outboards and are very fast with cruising speeds up to 40 kts making the 4 our deep sea fishing trip possible and productive.

Most of the center console boats have small bathrooms but typically no real place to get out of the weather and as of right now, none of our our center console fleet has air conditioning.

The Gear And Techniques We Use Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing reels on board a deep sea fishing boat out of Key WestTrolling requires some pretty stout rods and reels that are loaded with lots of mono filament line. 20 - 60lb test lines are typical on a trolling outfit here in Key West for deep sea fishing. When a dolphin (mahi mahi) school is located and its time to start "bailing" dolphin the smaller spin fishing outfits will be brought out to compound on the catch as the fish surround the boat. Kite fishing for sailfish and tuna is very popular in the winter and spring time with the fleet out of Key West. Live baiting is a popular way to fish for tuna and sailfish on board the center consoles.

Deep Sea Fishing Trip Lengths That We offer

  • 1/2 Day 4 hours
  • 3/4 Day 6 hour
  • Full Day 8 Hours

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Note: Deep sea fishing prices vary depending on the boat type, size and amenities. See Our Key West Deep Sea Fishing Rates

Booking A Key West Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Booking a charter is easy. Because we feel the relationship with each of our clients is very important you will need to call us or email us to reserve a trip. That way we know exactly what you are looking for in your day of fishing with us and you know what you will be getting. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more details about bookings and questions that have popped up.

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