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Is bonefishing, the pursuit of a fish or a type of fishing? That is the question. Many anglers who call us have heard about "bonefishing". This often means one of two things. It's either the fish "Bonefish" (Albula vulpes) or performing the act of bonefishing which is fishing the shallow flats for the many sport fish such as Permit, bonefish, barracudas, tarpon and jacks that live there. We have to decide whether you are looking to catch a bonefish or would like to go "Bonefishing".

If you would like to go "Bonefishing" Check out our "Flats Fishing" Page. If you would like to catch a bonefish. Read on......

If there was a fish that made the Florida Keys and Key West backcountry and flats fishing famous it would arguably be the bonefish. Sought after by some of the most hardened sport fishing enthusiasts, this catch and release sport fish has earned the reputation of The "ghost" of the flats. With mirror sides, a weary eye and senses that rival any predator the bonefish has long been part of the Key West Grand Slam trilogy of fish. Bonefishing out of Key West is a great way to enjoy the day on the flats fishing with a professional flats fishing guide. Poling along silently on the crystal clear shallows in search of the elusive bonefish is a tradition here in Florida Keys charter fishing.

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Bonefishing is a technical sort of fishing. We sight fish for them and a little bit of casting ability is sure helpful in catching them. Our bonefishing season is considered to be June - October, however we have bonefish here year round depending on the weather.

(See; Key West Fishing Seasons). September and October are the best months for bonefishing here out of Key West

Bonefishing Charters

Some Patience and Ability. A Desire To Hunt

The flats are always calm and clear where we go bonefishing. Not more than two persons is recommended on a bonefishing charter. Charters are 4, 6 and 8 hours in length. We welcome spin fishing and fly fishing anglers. Spin fishing we use live bait and artificial lures.

Fly Fishing for bonefish is done up on the flats and by sight fishing for them. Accuracy is necessary with a pretty good double haul casting technique. Our professional fly fishing guides are happy to help you learn the cast needed to punch the fly through the wind and have you come out a winner. Only one angler can fish at a time when fly fishing. If you would like to fly fish for bonefish with your own gear bring an 8 wt fly rod with weight forward bonefish taper fly line.




Choosing A Bonefishing Guide

Thats how we help. We know many flats fishing guides that specialize in bonefishing here in Key West. We know thier schedules, specialties and personalities. Often times when an angler calls us to book a bonefishing guide we go over a serries of questions to learn more about them to put them with the right one of our expert flats fishing guides.

Some folks will require a steadier boat when flats fishing. This is totally possible by using a bay boat for the shallows. Bay boats are a much steadier platform for fishing. A stat of the art bay boat can float in less than 12 inches of water. Same dicipline applies, same method of fishing, bay boats offer a non traditional easier approach to flats fishing.

The Boats We Use

A traditional flats fishing boat "Skiff" is a great way to go bonefishing however they can be a little bit tippy and not for folks who might be unstable standing on tippy platforms. We have been using state of the art bay boats to go bonefishing in the last 10 years and that is aways and option for no extra money.

The Gear We Use For Bonefishing

We use mostly spin fishing rods and reels varying in size from 10lb to 12lb test. Live shrimp or small shrimp tipped jigs are the preferred method. We can also provide fly fishing rods to those that wish to fish fly.
Note: We can only fish one angler at a time using fly fishing rod.

Bonefishing Trip Lengths That We offer:

  • 1/2 Day 4 hours
  • 3/4 day 6 hour
  • Full Day 8 Hours

We can take up to 2 persons on our flats fishing boats and up to 3 on our bay boats. 4, 6 and 8 hour trips.

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Booking A Bonefishing Charter

Booking a bonefishing charter is easy. Because we feel the relationship with our clients is very important you will need to call us or email us to reserve a trip. That way we know exactly what you are looking for in your day of fishing and we can make sure you are on the right trip with us and you know what you will be getting.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more details about bookings and questions that have popped up.

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Flats Fishing Charters With A Theme.

Bonefishing - Made famous here in the Florida Keys. Sight fishing the flats for bonefish is a great way to enjoy flats fishing.